Our areas of activity in this sector include glass, lubricants, sugar, cement, automobile and aircraft assembly, cosmetics, filling and packaging… Read more...


Our expertise includes social and environmental impact assessments and studies; community engagement; site assessments, remediation and reclamation; ecological and human… Read more...


We provide full-service solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors including engineering, construction, automation, commissioning and validation. We… Read more...
Energy Power

Energy Power

Our areas of activity include hydro, thermal and nuclear power generation, energy from waste, green energy solutions, and transmission and… Read more...


We build various types of infrastructure for the public and private sectors, including airports; buildings; health care, educational and recreational… Read more...


We provide solutions covering the full life cycle, from food processing, packaging and handling, to distribution and storage, for companies… Read more...
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Our missions

We took it on ourselves to make European companies change their view of Africa. They must become aware of her immense diversity, of her immense potentialities, of the available opportunities, to be ready to contribute to her development through partnerships and collaborations in the long term

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Written by Friday, 16 May 2014 10:34

We have extensive experience supporting projects in agribusiness, manufacturing, and services. At the close of fiscal year 2013 these sectors accounted for 13 percent of umwelt-plus's gross exposure.

umwelt-plus and Agribusiness, Manufacturing, and Services Investments

As with cross-border investments in many sectors, there are non-commercial risks associated with agribusiness, manufacturing, and services projects in emerging economies. Despite the best intentions and thorough planning, unforeseen events can disrupt projects.Restrictions on revenue repatriation could complicate a project’s finances even more, exacerbating imbalances between foreign-denominated debt and locally denominated revenue. Threats such as terrorism add another layer of uncertainty, potentially derailing even the most promising of investments. Combined, such political risks contribute to high costs of capital. Some lenders may not be willing to lend at all in the absence of political risk insurance policies.

umwelt-plus’s political risk insurance can mitigate the political risks associated with investing in these sectors in developing countries. We can insure investments of all sizes. Our Investment Program, which offers a streamlined underwriting process for investors looking for coverage is particularly relevant in these sectors.


Written by Friday, 16 May 2014 10:22

Our political risk insurance can play a pivotal role in helping companies attract funds for large, capital-intensive investments. At the close of fiscal year 2013, infrastructure accounted for 44 percent of umwelt-plus's gross exposure.

umwelt-plus and Infrastructure Investments

umwelt-plus has a comparative advantage in supporting complex infrastructure investments, particularly when it comes to cash-intensive investments that involve municipal governments, and when it comes to securing financing at better rates and for longer periods.

Infrastructure development is an important priority for umwelt-plus.

umwelt-plus’s strategy builds on our market strengths: encouraging investments in the more difficult, frontier markets, as well as supporting investments at the sub-sovereign level, which often involves inexperienced and therefore riskier partners.

  All EDILSIDER sections, dies and components are designed and manufactured by the Group which relies on an experienced in-house engineering department, customised programs and, most important, on a standalone, complete assembly line.

We Own and Finance Our Projects: umwelt-plus leverages the strength of our financing team and partners to help our clients find the optimal financing solution for their all project.  Typical approaches include:

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA):  umwelt-plus provides turnkey power purchase solutions for clients who want to host aLL project.  umwelt-plus will finance, build, own, and maintain the system.
  • Financing Support:  umwelt-plus has experience financing renewable project  portfolios  as well as working with customers to obtain third-party financing for individual projects.  We have a long track-record of maximizing incentives through a variety of state and federal programs to provide the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Own:  umwelt-plus leverages its develop, build, own, and operate capabilities and financing partner relationships to create renewable project portfolio investment strategies.  umwelt-plus’s integrated approach streamlines the process and maximizes value for partners from landowners, vendors, and investors.

Our Investors

umwelt-plus helps our project investor clients and partners identify the best investments and protect those investments over the long term. Our solutions range from creating renewable project portfolio investment strategies and project-specific due diligence to serving as the investor’s representative during the design, construction, and operation of a renewable all project or portfolio.

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  • Biology
  • Industrial
  • Agrifood
  • Energy
  • Environment

Our missions

Written by Monday, 03 February 2014 15:37

We took it on ourselves to make European companies change their view of Africa. They must become aware of her immense diversity, of her immense potentialities, of the available opportunities, to be ready to contribute to her development through partnerships and collaborations in the long term:

- Private investments, 

- Technology transfer, 

- Education, 

- Health, 

- Advise in management and strategic planning, 

- Financial coaching,

- Identification and targeting of the problems, 

- Formulation of strategic planning and deployment for the resolution of challenging situations,

The effectiveness of our mission is guaranteed by the fact that we are at the same time working in compliance with not only the rules of aid granting foreign States, but also within the agreements with local institutions (Governments, trade unions, chambers of commerce, financial institutions and international organizations).

Our strength is to have a very dense relational portfolio, with both large companies and SMEs - SMIs and play a role of facilitator between different members of our structure.