Our areas of activity in this sector include glass, lubricants, sugar, cement, automobile and aircraft assembly, cosmetics, filling and packaging… Read more...


Our expertise includes social and environmental impact assessments and studies; community engagement; site assessments, remediation and reclamation; ecological and human… Read more...


We provide full-service solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors including engineering, construction, automation, commissioning and validation. We… Read more...
Energy Power

Energy Power

Our areas of activity include hydro, thermal and nuclear power generation, energy from waste, green energy solutions, and transmission and… Read more...


We build various types of infrastructure for the public and private sectors, including airports; buildings; health care, educational and recreational… Read more...


We provide solutions covering the full life cycle, from food processing, packaging and handling, to distribution and storage, for companies… Read more...
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Ours partners

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Our missions

We took it on ourselves to make European companies change their view of Africa. They must become aware of her immense diversity, of her immense potentialities, of the available opportunities, to be ready to contribute to her development through partnerships and collaborations in the long term

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SUISS Umwelt Plus AG/Ch – 6052 Hergiswil/NW, Bahnhofstr.4

0041 445 207 080

0041 445 207 080

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Domains of activities

Our fully integrated solutions allow us to deliver value to our clients and partners at any or every stage of a  project.

Domains of activities:


- House

- Residence

- Social house

- Social land parceling

- Country planningm

- Creation of parcels

- University Housing

- Medical equipment

- Redevelopment

- Hotel Apartment

- Hotel complex 

- Industrial buildings

- University Housing

- University

- School and campus

- Barracks

- Hospitals 



- Water treatment

- Desalinator

- Waste treatments 

- Petroleum industry

- Harbour Redevelopment

- Airport

- Railroads

- Civil Engineering

- Bridge 

- Stadium

- Congress Building 

- Hydraulic Dam

- Underground parking 

- Open air parking lot

- Transportation 

- Public Works


- Thermal power plant 

- Hydroelectric power plant

- Wind turbine

- Wave Energy

- Photovoltaic and storage of energy

- Sun light tree

- Transportable energy 

- Solar lamppost  



- Engineering consulting firm

- Development planning

- Technical expertise 

- Technology transfer

- Strategy

- Multinational team




- Collection set of diverse financial instruments

- Creation of project driven financial strategy

- Optimum strategic financial planning for complex financial operations

- Pole of financing